I knew these two were going to be a blast the second Remington mimicked my "YAAAAS GIRL" and added a finger snap + a hip pop straight out of the gate of their session. It was amazing. 

Believe it or not, I first met Remington + Tatum the same day of their engagement session which was also two days before their wedding. Crazy, right? Rem is stationed in California full time so he was only able to come home to Kansas for just a few days. We met at a tractor supply so I could get some heavy duty bug spray for the night (don't make fun, I can't do ticks!) and off we went to the hills. First thing I noticed about Remington + Tatum is there is never a moment they can't make each other laugh. They danced and ran through the wildflowers till we didn't have any light left. 

Thank you for the laughs and the memories, guys! I hope California is a dream!