Meet my girl, Lauren Biggs - my crazy cool + talented go-to makeup artist. She's here to make you look amazing during your shoot! Professional make-up will give you an extra boost of confidence in front of the camera and it always photographs like a dream so don’t worry if you’ve never had yours done before - She's got you girl!

Moody photography ideas | Be Images Photography
Be Images Makeup Artist | Lauren Biggs Wichita, KS
Moody Portrait Photography Idea | Be Images

The Coolest Makeup Artist in Town

If you get the chance to hangout with her as she paints your face before your portrait session I can describe your guaranteed experience with her in 5 easy points.


You will be referred to as “man” or “dude” at least a few times.


You will have never felt more comfortable having someone touch your face.


You’re guaranteed to be in danger of messing up your makeup multiple times because you’re laughing so hard.


You’ll walk away having learned something new about your own skin or how to better your makeup application because she’s just that knowledgeable and passionate and can’t help but share any chance she gets.


You’ll never want anyone else to do your makeup after. It’s not just her talent or knowledge; it’s her personality and that contagious laugh of hers. It’s the experience that makes all the difference.

You can check out her most recent work by following her on Instagram!

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Moody Portrait Idea | Be Images Photography
Photography Background Idea | Be Images Photogrpahy Wichita, KS
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Makeup Ideas | Be Images Photography
Smokey makeup by Lauren Biggs | Photography by Be Images
Dark, moody makeup by Lauren Biggs. Photography by Be Images
Lauren Biggs Makeup for Be Images Photography
Lauren Biggs Makeup for Be Images Photography
Lauren Biggs Makeup for Be Images Photography
Moody Picture Background | Be Images Photography
Moody, Modern portrait ideas | Be Images Photography

Be sure to check her out for makeup tips and tricks by following her on Instagram!