general questions


What does Be Images mean?

I get asked this a lot so don’t feel bad if you wondered the same! I chose Be Images to represent my photography based on my everyday goal to spread positivity, confidence, and acceptance to everyone I meet, especially within my work. Through experience as a photographer I’ve witnessed monumental changes in peoples’ attitude, body language, posture, smile, and just pure energy when I or someone else has made them feel good about themselves! Because who doesn’t like to feel gorgeous, strong, elegant, flawless, Pinterest worthy…whatever! I feel like every single one of us should BE whatever makes us feel good. And that’s how Be Images was born and why I decided on the tagline “Be Joyful Always” to help spread a little joy to our days!


Do you deliver every image you shoot?

The easy answer – No, I don’t deliver every single image nor would you want every single image because that would probably be a little over whelming for you. Which is why you have me, to use my expertise to choose which images are best! Although the quantity varies depending on the amount of time and type of shoot we’re talking about but just know that it has always been my goal to let you, the client have the most versatile and worthwhile end product possible.


What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

Typically, there will be an additional charge if the overage in time is significant enough that it adds additional work in post-production. With that being said, due to the unpredictable nature of photography and quite often the weather, I am always reasonable when things don’t go as planned down to the minute.


When can we expect to see our photos?

Post-production for all sessions excluding wedding photography is typically 4-6 weeks. NOTE: subject to change after May 2016.

Where do we get our images printed?

Since I do not offer printing services directly, I always do my research before hand and will provide the name of a printing company that I strongly recommend in your area that provides the adequate quality printing. However, I cannot guarantee the quality of the images post-print. I otherwise provide technical support of the digital files if needed.  


Do you provide retouching, color adjustment, or other corrective services?

Yes, every image is individually color balanced and retouched for overall cohesiveness. If you are looking for a specific style of editing or additional retouching beyond the normal please let me know before hand or at the latest, the day of the shoot.


Will you be posting about my pictures on your social media sites (blog, Facebook, Instagram)? 

Not every shoot is guaranteed to be shown or displayed on Abigail’s and/or Be Images’ social media but do have the rights to the images for promotional and advertising purposes.


What if the weather prevents us from shooting that day?

If the weather makes it unbearable to shoot outside and we have no indoor available options than we are always more than happy to reschedule for a later date with no additional charge. 


wedding day questions


Can I add hours of wedding day coverage to my package?

Yes, each additional hour is priced individually and we can always add the needed amount to your wedding package to best suit your special day.


Is there a contract?

Yes, we do have a photographer/ client agreement that both parties sign equally that is in place to hopefully answer any questions you might have.


We're in a time crunch, can I get just a hand full of images from our engagement session to choose from for our save the date before the allotted due date?

We are always more than willing to work with you when on a crunched timeline as long as we are still able to provide the highest quality images and quality takes some time. So don’t be afraid to ask but also please be understanding that we have a number of clients and previous responsibilities already set into a timeline that requires our attention.


How much is the deposit to reserve my wedding day and when is it due?

For all wedding packages, we require a $300 non-refundable retainer fee that sets your date in stone on our calendar. The retainer fee is due the same day we sign the photographer/client agreement. 

When is the remaining balance due?

The remaining balance is due at the earliest, one week before your wedding date or at the latest, the day of your wedding.


When can I expect my wedding day images?

As a result of the increased amount of photos taken during one single wedding in comparison to a portrait session, you can expect your final images 6-8 weeks following your wedding day.


Is it okay if other people take photos while you're taking photos?

Other people’s cameras don’t bother me at all. I’m probably one of the friendliest easy-to-chat-to photographers you’ll find at any wedding. If you have a camera, come chat with me during a quiet moment at the reception, I’d love to hear your opinions and questions! But out of respect for the bride and groom I do ask that because they are paying for my services, that I be the only one with a DSLR (professional grade camera) to avoid any confusion on where to look and also to not slow down the process of the day when an unexpected flash or “hey look here!” comes from the background. As a guest the best and most respectful thing you can do is be a guest! Be present, celebrate, and enjoy the day, and let me be the one worrying about capturing the memories! After all, the guests are supposed to be in those memories, not on the sidelines!